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Open Friday Sept 4th! KONA BREW BLOCK
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Pōhala - Lua Trifecta Roller
Pōhala - Lua Trifecta Roller
Pilikana Boutique

Pōhala - Lua Trifecta Roller

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1- 10ml roller oil with bamboo cap

  • infused with pure organic Kukui Nut Oil

  • Small fraction of Laurel Leaf and Patchouli Oil added to strengthen fragrance

  • Smell is a potent yet perfectly balanced Floral and woody scent.

🎋'Ohe Bamboo, the Native bamboo species of the Hawaiian Islands, has traditionally been associated with Lua.  ‘Ohe is very masculine in energy and can be applied to incite aggressiveness, assertiveness, and endurance. 

🌿Palapalai Fern is the only energetically androgynous fern with equal parts masculine/feminine.  This fern is resourceful to Lua as it creates the focus, durability, and consistency of the practice.

🌿Ka’ape’ape Fern is incredibly tender and fluid and rules Grace.  This fern is feminine and balances this Trifecta and allows the application of energy to be fluid in movement and to ensure a softness in the exchange.


This Oil is highly effective in promoting the ability to exchange, deliver, and inherit energy between humans and any other sentient being including cats, dogs, birds, horses, flora and fauna, fish, planets and stars and the Earth herself etc...

Also Benneficial to fisherman, hunters, and harvesters as it creates a clear dialogue as to ensure the harvest of animal/botanical is clean and in ceremony

Obviously recommended to Lua practitioners and all others who seek to enhance empathy and practitioners looking to magnetize sensations and energetic download

Extremely beneficial for medical doctors, surgeons, nurses and those in the medical/veterinary/psychiatric field and elsewhere who interact with patients seeking help and remedy

In modern times the practice of Lua leans towards tactics for battle and war. For a true Lua practitioner could inflict sensation on their adversaries simply by directing energy. 

Suggested Use:

For holistic properties dab a drop on back of neck, the medulla area, this is known to be a portal of consciousness. Wear on both wrists as well.