'Ōlopu 3/4 sleeve Dress - Peach
'Ōlopu 3/4 sleeve Dress - Peach

'Ōlopu 3/4 sleeve Dress - Peach

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By Kealopiko 


Made from Cotton & Lycra which gives this dress a forgiving fit, and you may consider sizing down one. 

An old chant tells us that the snow of Maunakea was the water Wākea used when sharpening and polishing koʻi (adzes), the most important tool of the ancient Hawaiians, who created many types of them. A koʻi named ʻOlopū was used to carve the canoes of Wākea and his people. It was a koʻi from antiquity that held in it the stories of distant ancestors and was passed down through the generations of chiefs. It was called a "koʻi naʻi aupuni", or "nation-building koʻi", befitting of Kamehameha Paiʻea, the chief who acquired it before uniting the islands under his rule. He established the foundation that his son, Kauikeaouli, built upon to secure the Hawaiian Kingdom with the help of his most trusted advisors. This kingdom and Hawaiʻi's history were extensively documented in the Hawaiian language. Awaiaulu was created to facilitate an understanding of that language and history through the development of resources and resource people, tools and toolmakers, with the drive to make Hawaiian knowledge broadly accessible to all people of Hawaiʻi. This knowledge is our modern koʻi naʻi aupuni, a tool that helps us actualize our desires, understand our kingdom and its intact sovereignty, and move forward in unity.