About 'Ohana Pilikana

Pili.kana;  n. Relation, Relationship, Kin, Family 

 Why Pilikana?

We see that there are SO many talented, creative & unique local businesses in Hawai'i that come from such amazing Entrepreneurs. Those who have the best intentions for Hawai'i at the forefront of their business, many who are  like-minded and aligned with our story and simply put, create some insanely epic products.

We are a Family Owned & Operated Small Business. The Vision behind it, was first and foremost, to create something that each one of us in the 'Ohana could be apart of. We are Still New, Still Fresh and Still haven't even scratched the surface of our Dreams and Intentions for what is to come. One things for sure, is that we are so excited to share all of our goals and dreams with our Kona community.




"We" are 'Ohana Phillips. Party of 5