Pilikana 2.0

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Back in March, if you asked about our situation that we were in with COVID-19 coming in hot, we would've cried wolf. It felt like the world was crashing down on us, since all "non-essential" businesses were not allowed to be open, and we were right smack in the middle of our old location coming to an end, and our new location game plan, coming into fruition. Some of the Kona Brew crew had scouted us out long before we were even planning on a move from Ilima Court, and at the time, the thought of going bigger too soon, scared the crap outta of us. We finally decided and then Boom. Covid Shutdown.  Fast forward 5 stressful months, a pandemic that we are still facing & a major leap of faith, we are in love with our new home.

Although we miss the heck out of our previous neighbors, like the Original Thai 'Ohana, Hot Nails Family & the fine ladies and gentlemen at Dolphin Spit, we are stoked to still be surrounded by so many epic Local businesses! 

We welcome you to the newest chapter of our story at the Kona Brew Block! And although we will still be operating at our usual Unorthodox business style (add Online schooling, Face Masks & Copious amounts of hand sanitizer) we hope you are just as excited as we are about the new hang out spot. 


Nothing but love...  Kila, Nahiku & the Fam